Event Management – The Opportunity

With the mushrooming of numerous Bollywood shows and award functions, music concerts, public events and functions, Event Management has grown exponentially in the last two decades. The industry today spends INR 5000 crores on events as compared to INR 20 crores in 1990.
This humongous growth has paved the way for over 2000 event management companies in the last 2 decades. At the peak of this evolution, the event management industry demands highly skilled professionals to organize mega-events like the IPL, Filmfare awards and the IIFA Awards. The career opportunities in this field range from Event Co-ordination & Management, Event Promotion & Marketing, to Celebrity Management and Destination Wedding Planning.

Companies are constantly seeking professionals with organizational skill-sets and technical knowledge. Event management demands an in-depth understanding of catering, logistics, risk management, budgeting and study of marketing mediums such as digital and TV. These skill-sets can only be achieved through traditional and experiential learning, and mentorship from the best in the industry.

EMDI thrives on the philosophy of creating future leaders for the events industry through experiential learning driven by a curriculum that is designed by the industry stalwarts. The institute sets itself apart with a methodology that combines classroom learning, including sessions from industry professionals, with hands-on experience through live projects and internships, providing global exposure to students owing to its global presence, and focuses on preparing the students for the current demands of the industry. EMDI is aligned, in principle, with the Central Government’s initiative of Vocational Training and Skill Enhancement for the youth of the country.
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Advertising, PR & Integrated Marketing Communications – The Opportunity

The Advertising industry in India clocks yearly revenues of INR 45,000 crore, and is poised to grow at a healthy rate at 13% annually. India is projected to become the 2nd fastest growing advertising market in Asia. The power of advertising has the potential to change the way people think. With digital technologies revolutionizing the way people communicate today, brands are competing fiercely to reach out to their audience through Digital Marketing, Mobile SMSes and other mediums. Several brands are fighting for space in the consumer’s mind. Brands must also take care of their online reputation and brand perception through effective public relations. PR is a thriving profession in India. Hundreds of large and small PR consultancies are employing thousands of practitioners. Moreover, companies in private and public sectors have set up their own PR departments. A study suggests that the PR industry is one of the fastest growing industries with an annual growth rate of 32 percent. PR in India is fast emerging as an institution, especially with its growing acceptance as a skilled and specialized profession.

To drive a unified message across all platforms in today’s age, though, requires professionals who can design and execute 360-degree brand campaigns encompassing traditional as well as new-age media. Integrated Marketing Communications approach is becoming essential for brands to stay relevant for consumers.

The fierce competition has opened a race of survival for brands. Advertising agencies, PR firms, and marketing divisions of various organizations are hiring professionals who are proficient, innovative and well-equipped with knowledge and application of integrated marketing communications. The opportunities span across careers like Account Planning, Account Management/Cleint Servicing, Barnd Management, Media Buying & Planning at various adverstising agencies, media agencies, and marketing divisions of organizations.
EMDI with its locational advantage of being in heart of Mumbai, in close proximity with advertising agencies and advertisers of repute, along with a curriculum is planned and designed in conjunction with industry experts, is in one of the best positions to deliver young leaders for Advertising, PR, & Integrated Marketing Communications industry.
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