Sports Management – The Opportunity

With the rise of sports leagues such as IPL, ISL and Pro-Kabaddi, sports management industry has witnessed an exceptional growth in terms of socio-economic impact. IPL alone has grown 5-fold since its inception, giving way to over 15000 employment opportunities. Football registered a 227 per cent increase from Rs 265 million in 2013 to Rs 603 million in 2014, due to ISL, while the two tennis leagues and the two kabaddi leagues saw a whopping 1,064 percent jump from Rs 70 million to Rs 745 million. The Indian sports sector currently contributes to 1-5 percent of country’s GDP.

The sports industry in India, currently at $2.7 billion, is slated to grow at 10% per annum. With rising investments in sports, whether in team franchise ownership, sports talent development or in advertising and sponsorship, the demand for skilled sports management and marketing professionals is already seeing an upsurge.

There are several career opportunities for sports management professionals like Sports Marketing and Branding, Sports Merchandising, Sports Agents and Managers, Sports Journalism & Broadcasting, Sports Event Management, and management careers at Sports Federations. Ironwood aims to deliver the right talent who can successfully manage teams, athletes, as well make an impact on the marketing and promotion of sports.

At Ironwood, we hope to widen the training horizon to the sports arena, with industry relevant sports management and marketing skills imparted to passionate individuals. The course curriculum is developed in close conjunction with the industry experts, and delivered by a highly competent set of experienced industry professionals who have seen the onset of the sports boom in India and also been keen observers of the global trends in the management of sports.

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